Thursday, December 20, 2007

American Girls disapear forever in Mexico, no coverage by MSM

Imagine for a minute, an attractive young American woman takes a short trip to a nearby foreign country. On the eve of her return, something happens and no trace of her is ever found. Sound horrible and yet somehow familiar? Her name is, you know it................Yvette Martinez! Or, maybe you thought it was Brenda Cisneros. Or, perhaps it was Natalee Holloway. Would you believe this happened to all three girls.

Martinez and a friend, Brenda Cisneros, left their homes in Laredo, Texas and went to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico on September 17, 2004 to attend a concert in celebration of Cisneros's birthday. They crossed the border at 11:11 p.m. and a relative saw them later at the concert. A friend of the women spoke to them by cellular phone at 4:00 a.m. On September 18; they said they were only a short distance from the border and would be back in Texas in a few minutes. Cisneros and Martinez (both American citizens) never arrived home and have never been heard from again. [Info taken from]

Perhaps you are only familiar with the Holloway case (she was abducted from Aruba). Why have you not heard about the case involving Yvette and Brenda? This despite many similarities in the cases: Only 8 months difference in when they disappeared (Natalee disappeared onMay 30, 2005). All were US citizens. The young women were fairly close in age (27, 23, and 18 years old) when they disappeared.

A Google search on "Natalee Holloway" had 1,690,000 Englishhits.
A Google search on "Yvette Martinez" had 1,100 English hits.
A Google search on "Brenda Cisneros" had 571 English hits.

How about the specific media outlets hits (foxnews, cbsnews, abcnews, cnn):

"Natalee Holloway" 17,600, 16,100, 485, and 7900 hits respectively
"Yvette Martinez" 0, 0, 0, and 9 hits respectively
"Brenda Cisneros" 1, 0, 0, and 3 hits respectively

As you can see the U.S. media has given the Aruba case much more coverage than the Mexico case.

Is this because the Aruba case is any more horrible, or because Ms.Holloway is more attractive than the victims from Texas. No, I submit to you that while the cases are equally tragic and while we all mourn for the lost girls and pray for their families, the Texas/Mexico case is NOT covered because of the impact such coverage would have on border enforcement, immigration, and national security. In other words, if the American people had the two young Texas victims "personified" in their homes and minds each day (as has happened with Natalee Holloway) they would be even more insistent that border security be improved and enforced.

Ms.Cisneros and Ms. Martinez are among 40-70 Americans who have been kidnapped and/or disappeared just near Laredo,Texas (near theUS/Mexico border) recently. Some of these are related to gang activity, illegal immigration activity, and drug traffic This situation is intolerable.

Here You See Her, There You Don't by Ken S. — democrats, offense, government spending | Gather

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mexico police chief murder linked to border tunnel

Another police chief is murdered. Again, after only a week on the job. How very sad. Tecate is a border town that used to be famous for motorcycling and beer. Now it's another battlefield in the Drug Wars of Mexico.

TIJUANA, Mexico – Gunmen killed the police chief of a Mexican city bordering California Tuesday by shooting him some 50 times in an apparent revenge attack after police found a drug-smuggling tunnel under the border.

Gunmen broke into the house of Tecate police chief Juan Soriano in the early hours of the morning and shot him repeatedly in the face and torso as he slept in bed with his wife, an official at the Baja California state attorney general's office told Reuters. His wife was not hit.

The killing of Soriano, who had started his job only last week, appeared to be an act of revenge against Mexican police, who Monday discovered a tunnel nearly a mile long running into California from Tecate near the Pacific coast after a tip-off from the U.S. Border Patrol > News > Mexico > Tijuana & The Border -- Mexico police chief murder linked to border tunnel

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mexican singer slain in hospital while recovering from gunshot wounds

Target of drug lords in Mexico: Policemen, mayors, reporters, and pop singers?

MEXICO CITY - A Mexican singer was shot to death in her hospital bed, police said Monday, the fourth time in a year assailants have killed performers of a popular northern music whose lyrics often focus on drug trafficking and violence.

Zayda Pena, 28, was shot in the heart Saturday in the city of Matamoros, across the border from Brownsville, Texas, while recovering from a gunshot wound to the neck received on Friday, police detective Abel Infante said.

No suspects had been identified. Two people with Pena were killed in the Friday shooting.

Pena headed a band known as Zayda y los Culpables — "Zayda and the Guilty Ones." One of her songs was "Tiro de Gracia," a reference to an execution-style gunshot.

Also Monday, the newspaper El Universal reported that at least one member of the band "K-Paz de la Sierra" had been kidnapped on Saturday by armed men after leaving a performance in the western state of Michoacan.

Law enforcement authorities in Michoacan said they could not confirm that report, but the band did cancel a scheduled news conference on Monday in Mexico City. The group's publicist, Cristina Gonzalez, said she had no information on any kidnapping and attributed the cancellation to "travel reasons."

Some musicians in northern Mexico write songs called "narco corridos," which focus on the exploits of drug traffickers. Pena's songs were mostly romantic ballads.

Several "gruperos" have been slain in recent months.

On Nov. 25, 2006, Valentin Elizalde was shot to death along with his manager and driver shortly after performing across the border from McAllen, Texas. Police are investigating a possible link between Elizalde's killing and a grisly video posted online that was set to one of his songs, "To My Enemies."

Last December, Javier Morales Gomez of the band Los Implacables del Norte was shot to death in a park in Michoacan, a state plagued by drug-related gunbattles, killings and beheadings. Police have not spoken of a motive in that case.

In February, gunmen shot to death four members of the Banda Fugaz after they performed in Michoacan

Mexican singer slain in hospital while recovering from gunshot wounds

Monday, December 03, 2007

Former Rio Bravo mayor & five others gunned down

Even by Mexican standards machine-gunning the mayor and his lunch party in broad daylight is a little extreme.

RIO BRAVO — Assailants wielding automatic weapons on Thursday shot and killed the former mayor of a Mexican border city and five companions outside a restaurant, local media reported.

Juan Guajardo, a career politician and the former mayor of the Rio Bravo, a city across the Texas border from Mercedes, was arriving at a restaurant in downtown Rio Bravo when the gunmen opened fire, killing him, his brother, two bodyguards, his driver and an unidentified man, the government news agency Notimex reported.

Officials at the attorney general's office in Tamaulipas state, where Rio Bravo is located, did not return calls.

Local: Former Rio Bravo mayor gunned down | bravo, rio, former - Brownsville Herald