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I don't recall hearing the term "narco-terrorist" but it is a good one. Nice to see some more detailed reporting on the ins and outs of the cartels. In the past such reporting has proved dangerous to those reporting it.

December 27, 2008 - 11:27 p.m.
NUEVO LAREDO – One of the most ruthless drug cartels in history owns Nuevo Laredo, and its sights are set on controlling a highway that leads straight to Victoria.

After years of fighting in the streets, just three hours southwest of Victoria, the public violence is suddenly calm. At first glance, the Laredo corridor appears peaceful again.

Hidden beneath this 18-month lull, however, a sinister story surfaces. The brutal Gulf Cartel seized control of a border city, strangling public confidence with murder, terror, extortion, corruption and kidnapping.

Nuevo Laredo newspaper reporters, threatened with murder, no longer cover the streets, which are still rife with violence.

After winning a three-year war against a rival, the Gulf Cartel operates unimpeded. With ownership of a lucrative entry port, the cartel is focused on controlling U.S. Highway 59, which winds to your back door.

Documentary filmmaker Rusty Fleming spent three years on the border and in Mexico to chronicle the violence. For the first time, Fleming agreed to revisit the Laredo corridor to show firsthand what’s at work in this lucrative entry port.

He agreed to again travel deep into Nuevo Laredo – to city corners held by the Gulf Cartel. Three Advocate journalists visited eerie cartel shrines, the locations of kidnappings and the home of an assassinated police chief.

Signs of the cartel violence that some say is headed Victoria’s way linger everywhere in this once-peaceful Mexican city.

Victoria Advocate - Narco-Terrorists


At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, friends, this is the touted erasrue of Borders, that our wonderful U.S. Government has given us. You know, Nafta.

If you haven't heard of the New WOrld Order, you're sleeping.

Indeed, the Ancient People really knew what it was about: The Battle of Evil against Good.

We better gird up our loins, and push pash or sleeves, to start cleaning up this mess, our friendly, distant Centralized government has handed us!

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW- This mess hasn't touched us yet, countrywide - hell, few people even know of the tent cities in the West Coast - but as to the drug cartel in Mex., we HAD better get involved to clean up the mess, the garbage coming in and up. Like sewage.

It's a matter of living and quaking with fear - fear of death- seeing death at every turn - a death that wn't be pretty - the death of our little children in all classes of society - our living like a slave bowing to our owners, the vicious drug lords - or standing up bravely, like evolved Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

We may die either way, no avoiding that- but the difference is crawling thru the dirt or standing up STRAIGHT on two feet!


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