Sunday, October 29, 2006

3 police killed, 1 decapitated in Mexico

3 police killed, 1 decapitated in Mexico - Yahoo! News: "3 police killed, 1 decapitated in Mexico Sat Oct 28, 10:38 PM ET

ACAPULCO, Mexico - The bodies of three state police officers, one of whom had been decapitated, were found Saturday in a sport utility vehicle abandoned outside the Pacific resort city of Acapulco, police said.

Acapulco has seen a wave of beheadings, shootings, stabbings and grenade attacks on police stations. Criminals have left the decapitated heads of at least six victims in front of government offices with threatening notes attached and authorities say the violence is part of a turf war between drug traffickers over shipment routes.
The two commanders and an agent with the state's Ministerial Investigative Police were kidnapped Friday in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero state. Their remains were found the next morning in a vehicle abandoned near a highway linking Acapulco and Mexico City, 180 miles to the north, said Jorge Valdez, a spokesman for the state public safety secretary.
No arrests have been made in connection to the killings.
One commander, identified as Isaac Nava, was decapitated and his head recovered inside a black plastic bag in Chilpancingo, 60 miles north of Acapulco. Another victim was wrapped in a blanket and the third had colored tape covering his face, Valdez said.
Revenge may have been the motivation for the killings, Valdez said, noting Nava was involved in the recent capture of two suspected drug smugglers in Acapulco."


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