Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mexican first lady's cousin found shot to death

You know you have a crime problem when the aristocracy are getting killed in their cars.

MEXICO CITY — A cousin of Mexico's first lady was found dead of gunshot wounds just outside Mexico City, authorities said Wednesday.

The body of Luis Felipe Zavala, cousin of Margarita Zavala, was found in his minivan Tuesday night in the city of Naucalpan in Mexico State, said Carlos Flores, state deputy attorney general. Naucalpan borders Mexico City.

Authorities spoke with Zavala's wife, two of his brothers, and a brother-in-law — all of whom said he had no known enemies, Flores said.

President Felipe Calderon's office confirmed the death.

"It's evidently an execution because of the way his life was taken and the position he was found in," Flores told W Radio, noting that the body was found wedged behind the driver's seat. Zavala had been shot in the neck, the thorax and the side, apparently with a 9mm pistol, he said.

Mexican first lady's cousin found shot to death | - Houston Chronicle


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