Monday, June 04, 2007

5 Hurt in Attack on Monterrey Police Station

I believe this is the second reported full scale attack on a police station this year. Note the use of military munitions.

Sean Mattson
Express-News Mexico Correspondent

MONTERREY, Mexico — Heavily armed assailants opened fire on a police station Tuesday morning, wounding four police officers and one civilian in the latest attack on law enforcers in the nation's most important northern metropolis.
The gunmen also lobbed a fragmentation grenade at police headquarters in the wealthy suburb of San Pedro, authorities said.

And, of course a calling card was left, as appears to be a sylistic requirement down south.

A duffel bag containing what some media outlets described as the bloodied uniform of a police officer was found near the scene of the shooting.

State authorities would not comment on the brazen attack.

Nuevo León state and its capital, Monterrey, are under siege. Warring drug cartels have been blamed for more than 70 execution-style killings in the state this year.

At least 20 of the victims have been police officers. Few, if any, of the shootings have led to arrests, let alone criminal charges. Mexico


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