Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Unarmed police in Tijuana receive wave of death threats

Considering the horrible reputation the Tijuana police have it's hard to feel too sympathetic with them.

I was personally robbed by the Tijuana police. They stopped my taxi, had me dump my pockets out, took about $100 in Pesos before letting me continue on my way. There was not even a pretext of any crime having been comitted. The taxi driver was sadly apologetic, I have never figured out if he was in on the scam.

Police in the violent border city of Tijuana have received a wave of death threats on their radios since soldiers sent to restore order in the city took their guns away, officials said Monday.

President Felipe Calderon sent 3,300 soldiers and federal police to Tijuana last week to hunt down drug gangs. The soldiers swept police stations and took officers' guns for inspection on Thursday amid allegations by federal investigators that a corrupt network of officers supports smugglers who traffic drugs into the United States.

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