Friday, June 08, 2007

Juarez on 'high alert' after multiple shootings

Another Mexican border city, another round of drug wars, shootings, and bodies in the streets. Mostly corrupt police. And to think - Juarez used to be such a nice place to go for tacos!

EL PASO, Tx. - The City of Juarez is on high alert as authorities take to the streets with high- powered rifles in the wake of several shooting deaths.

Police in Juarez are reeling from a series of violent murders and now the city is scrambling to prevent a bloody battle between drug dealers. Federal, state, and local officers are now swarming the streets armed with a lot of guns.

The situation started last Wednesday when a municipal police officer and a state officer were shot and killed with a machine gun in the Campestre area of central Juarez.

Juarez authorities tell ABC-7 $3000 was found in their patrol car, which leads investigators to believe that the two officers were working with the drug dealers.

Then Wednesday night, two state police officers on patrol were also gunned down with a machine gun. Investigators said the officers had nothing to do with drug involvement, they believe the officers were killed just to prove a point!

Early Thursday morning, another retaliation, also in the Campestre area. Two men were inside a brand new Chrysler 300. They too were killed when someone opened fire on them with a machine gun.

Juarez authorities tell ABC-7 that the car had 5 guns inside, and they men are believed to be hit men. That shooting was followed by another shooting just a block from a Municipal Police Station, resulting in the death of yet another man.

After the latest shooting, city officials said they had enough. Officials issued 360 rifles to officers on the street; plus they brought in federal and state officers, adding 200 more law enforcement officials to the streets of Juarez.

Officials have set up checkpoints all over the city. They say that vehicles with tinted windows will be searched for guns. They add that this alert will remain in effect until further notice. El Paso, Las Cruces - Weather, News, Sports - Juarez on 'high alert' after multiple shootings


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