Friday, September 21, 2007

Mexican soldiers accused of rape, torture | - Houston Chronicle

Who knows. The Mexican police certainly have a lot of problems with discipline and corruption.

MEXICO CITY — A government-run human rights commission accused soldiers of rape and torture today and recommended the army be pulled out of Mexico's nationwide drug war.

The report by the National Human Rights Commission is the first official document to back up long-standing allegations of human rights abuses by soldiers that are under orders by President Felipe Calderon to retake large swaths of territory controlled by powerful drug cartels.

Military officials declined to comment on the report, saying any response to the allegations would come in writing.

Calderon ordered the nationwide crackdown shortly after taking office on Dec. 1, and has said the war against drug trafficking is his top priority. Calderon's office said they were reviewing the report.

Jose Luis Soberanes, the commission's president, said his staff was able to document four cases of abuse.

Mexican soldiers accused of rape, torture | - Houston Chronicle


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