Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mexico police chief murder linked to border tunnel

Another police chief is murdered. Again, after only a week on the job. How very sad. Tecate is a border town that used to be famous for motorcycling and beer. Now it's another battlefield in the Drug Wars of Mexico.

TIJUANA, Mexico – Gunmen killed the police chief of a Mexican city bordering California Tuesday by shooting him some 50 times in an apparent revenge attack after police found a drug-smuggling tunnel under the border.

Gunmen broke into the house of Tecate police chief Juan Soriano in the early hours of the morning and shot him repeatedly in the face and torso as he slept in bed with his wife, an official at the Baja California state attorney general's office told Reuters. His wife was not hit.

The killing of Soriano, who had started his job only last week, appeared to be an act of revenge against Mexican police, who Monday discovered a tunnel nearly a mile long running into California from Tecate near the Pacific coast after a tip-off from the U.S. Border Patrol > News > Mexico > Tijuana & The Border -- Mexico police chief murder linked to border tunnel


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