Friday, January 18, 2008

Border Patrol agent in Laredo aids smugglers

The border continues to corrupt law enforcement on both sides, due to the huge amounts of money that can be made.

LAREDO, Texas — Calls from a Border Patrol agent's wife to him while he was on duty helped illegal immigrants on buses slip through a checkpoint.

Prosecutors say 32-year-old David Cruz and 35-year-old Susana Lopez-Portillo De Cruz pleaded guilty Thursday in Laredo to conspiring to transport and harbor illegal immigrants.

The case involved three 2007 incidents — in January, July and September — when a total of 25 illegal immigrants were bused from Laredo.

Prosecutors say Cruz would get calls from his wife letting him know the number of a particular bus and when it likely would reach his checkpoint so he could let it pass.

Cruz resigned in September.
Ex-BP agent in Laredo, wife in smuggling conspiracy | - Houston Chronicle


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