Thursday, February 14, 2008

Drug War Mayhem Boils Over From Border to Border

Even areas that one would assume would be very secure, like the Mexico City Airport, are not. It's a long and interesting article from a pretty lefty magazine.

Tourists touching down at Mexico City International Airport are hereby forewarned not to trip over the human heads that may be rolling around at your feet when you disembark. Four have been found in recent weeks in and around the terminal complex although their corresponding bodies have not yet been located.

It continues here:

John Ross: Drug War Mayhem Boils Over From Border to Border

Meanwhile, Calderon's military offensive has failed to stem the harvest of death. Last year, with the troops in the field, 2791 victims (7.3 a day) were registered by authorities, 500 more than the 2221 counted in 2006 when the army was still under wraps. During the first 15 days of 2008, 114 victims were recorded - 11.7 a day - compared with 174 for the entire month of January 2007 - perhaps a fifth of the dead were beheaded or otherwise mutilated.


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