Thursday, June 05, 2008

Federal police shut down Nuevo Laredo radio station

Federal police shut down Nuevo Laredo radio station
Mexican federal agents shut down a Nuevo Laredo radio station Wednesday. Authorities said it was taken off the air for operating without a permit but one media report characterized the raid as linked to organized crime.

Newspaper La Jornada identified the station as La Tremenda de los Dos Laredos, which you could find on your FM dial at 106.5 in the Laredo area up until about 2 p.m. yesterday.

The Mexico City newspaper reported authorities detained employees for "various hours" while they gave statements to the police. La Jornada called the raid "violent" and reported that banging on doors and breaking glass were among the last sounds transmitted by the station, right as it was wrapping up the afternoon newscast.

"Official sources revealed that it was suspected that the signal was used for transmitting messages of members of organized crime," noted La Jornada, but it didn't name the officials. Authorities, in a brief press release issued late last night, did not explicitly mention organized crime.

But authorities said the raid was carried out under "Operation Tamaulipas", the name of the federal police and military crackdown on drug gangs in the border state of the same name. Beyond the Border


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