Friday, January 12, 2007

Gunmen ambush soldiers: One man dies, another hurt

The narco-thugs are becoming even more brazen. Now they are assassinating Army regulars in cold blood. No wonder Mexicans are willing to risk life and limb to leave!

Unknown attackers ambushed two officers in the Mexican Army Intelligence Service in the southwest part of the city, killing a captain and injuring a colonel, officials said Thursday.The attack occurred near 7 p.m. Wednesday night as the two Army officers were driving on the highway to the airport near its intersection with Avenida Dr. Mier.

Civil authorities identified the deceased as Capt. Agustín Moisés Salazar, but did not give the officer’s hometown. Meanwhile, the injured colonel was taken to a military hospital in Mexico City. His name was not released.

A rare official report of the attack came from Nuevo Laredo city police, who responded to the initial call about reports of gunfire in the area. Officers said they arrived to find a Ford Explorer with Veracruz license plates crashed into the fence of a school building.

Inside, according to the police report, officers found the two soldiers. The driver was dead, and his injured passenger was in the front seat next to him.

Laredo Morning Times - Gunmen ambush soldiers: One man dies, another hurt


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