Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mexico's war on drugs no match for corruption

Another amazing story from our southern neighbor. Truly amazing stuff goes on down there. No wonder Latino's like "Magical Realism", it more closely resembles life down there.

Mexican journalist Olivier Acuna had been reporting on organized crime for eight years when a group of men ambushed him near his home, held a gun to his head, forced him into a car and sped him away.

He says the men put a hood on him, pushed his head to the floor and hissed: "We're going to kill you, son of a bitch, and dump you in a field. How we kill you depends on how you cooperate."

They interrogated him about a local murder by binding his face until they crushed his nose, trussing up his body and sitting on it while forcing water into his mouth from a tank.

Then they handed him to police, who jailed him.

Acuna has now spent a year in prison in Sinaloa state in western Mexico on what human rights lawyers say are trumped up homicide charges typical in a country where crooked police chiefs, judges and business leaders use their power to protect drug bosses who get rich smuggling drugs to the United States.

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