Monday, February 12, 2007

Monterrey deals with spike in violence

Wasn't NAFTA supposed to 'fix' Mexico?

SAN PEDRO GARZA GARCÍA, Mexico – From the shopping malls and the fashionable clothes of its residents, this could be any affluent U.S. suburb – University Park or Highland Park come to mind. Residents pride themselves on their American-style prosperity.

But in recent weeks, drug-related violence has shattered the tranquility, and the main targets are police. Seven police officers have been gunned down in Monterrey and its suburbs this year. Men with assault weapons killed two former police officers over the weekend.

Last year, 10 law enforcement officials were killed in the area, including five police chiefs. Among them was San Pedro's chief, Héctor Ayala Moreno. A top state investigator, Marcelo Garza Y Garza, was shot and killed as he walked out of church in San Pedro.

"One day you wake up and realize that your neighbors are not who you thought they were," said Denise Colyer, 22, a waitress at a Chili's here. "We thought we were immune from the violence, but we're surrounded by fear and drug traffickers."

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