Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kidnapping fears holding many Mexicans hostage

Kidnapping is an everyday occurance in Mexico and it seems to be moving to the US side of the border now. Several previous postings have dealt with kidnappings in Laredo, for instance.

MEXICO CITY — Scared, disoriented and without a penny in his pocket, Pedro Fletes staggered slightly as he got out of the car.
His blindfold suddenly yanked off, he struggled to keep his eyes from blinking. For the past two months, he hadn't been allowed to walk or see the sun.

He followed his captor's command: "I am going to let you go, and you walk 100 meters. If you turn around or open your eyes, I will shoot you."

Fletes, the director of a private school, finally was free, his ransom paid. He had no idea where he was — some unfamiliar street in one of the city's sprawling slums — or where he had been. Mexico


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