Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mexican Prosecutor Arrested in Gang Assassination of Congressman

Corrupt Mexican law enforcement implicated in assassinations. That's really nothing new, what is new is that the current President seems to actually be arresting and prosecuting people.

An assistant state prosecutor in Mexico was detained for questioning in an investigation into the killing of an opposition politician and four others, and the passing of information to drug traffickers.

In the border city of Nuevo Laredo, gunmen wielding assault rifles attacked a vehicle carrying a federal Congressman, wounding him and killing his driver just a day after the government announced a crackdown on drug crime in the area.


Prosecutors said an investigation into Resendiz Martinez revealed a gun that may have been used in the Jan. 14 killing of opposition politician Jaime Meraz Martinez. Meraz Martinez's wife, daughter-in-law and an employee of the opposition were also killed in the attack.

AP via WaPo story here.


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