Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mexican Crime Reporter Kidnapped from Police Station

The press is to be commended for still trying to report the news under these conditions. As is pointed out later in the story there still are no leads in the previous high visibility crimes of this type, including a Acapulco TV reporter who was shot in the head.

A Mexican newspaper reporter on the Arizona border remains missing after he was snatched by armed men who chased him to a police station.

Saúl Martínez Ortega, 36, apparently drove to the Agua Prieta police station to seek help during the high-speed chase early Monday.

When he arrived, the only officer around was a night watchman who didn't have a radio or a weapon.

The gunmen used a weapon to smash the window of Martínez's sport utility vehicle so they could open the door and take him away. Mexico


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