Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Zeta 'associate' Kills Dallas Cop

Another sad drug war casualty. Meth heads are the worst, truely.
The shooter appears to have ties to the Zetas.
Friday marked the second time in as many weeks that Mr. Ruiz had run from police. On March 14, officers with a federal fugitive task force spotted him leaving the Oak Cliff home of a man under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration in South Texas. The man is also thought to be an associate of the Zetas, the enforcement arm of Mexico's Gulf Cartel, which is engaged in a war for control of drug routes through Nuevo Laredo.

Investigators still do not know Mr. Ruiz's ties with the man whose house he was spotted leaving.

The chaos on the border continues to spread north, with occassionally catastrophic results.

Slain officer 'died a hero' | WFAA.com | News: Local News


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