Sunday, April 22, 2007

Police beheading in Acapulco

You may be thinking "didn't you post this already?" It does seem so familiar. But in searching the vast archives of BOTG we see that while there have been many many "police killed" stories and a surprising number of "beheading stories" this is the first where the police themselves are beheaded. Usually they are shot, or kidnapped and shot.

ACAPULCO, Mexico - The decapitated heads of two police officials were found early Thursday dumped in front of a government building in this Pacific coast resort, authorities said.

The heads of police commander Mario Nunez Magana and officer Jesus Alberto Ibarra were found at the same site where four drug traffickers died during a shootout with law enforcement. The heads of the two — who were involved in the Jan. 27 shootout — were accompanied by a sign that warned, “So that you learn to respect.”

They were discovered about 3 a.m. in front of the city’s Finance Department — just over a mile from the city’s main tourist zone — next to black plastic bags apparently used to carry them in, said local attorney general’s office official Rogelio Quevedo Mendoza.

Heads of police found in Acapulco - Americas -


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