Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Police chief killed in Mexico amid wave of violence

Being an honest police chief is a really deadly job in Mexico.

Mexico City (eCanadaNow) - A police chief in the Mexican town of Cardenas was killed Monday, taking some 40 shots to the head in the latest of a wave of murders that have shaken Mexico in recent days, authorities said.

Jorge Alberto Gonzalez, general coordinator at the Public Security Department in Cardenas, died immediately, according to officials in the south-eastern state of Tabasco.

In another attack Monday, a local public security director escaped unharmed in the north-western city of Culiacan. But Octavo Lopez Valenzuela’s 7-year-old son was injured and a bodyguard suffered serious wounds.

In the first four months of 2007, there have been about 700 violent deaths, despite anti-drug gang operations launched by President Felipe Calderon.

E Canada Now - Breaking News » Police chief killed in Mexico amid wave of violence


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