Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mexican police find 17 bodies, suspect drug-related crime

The article goes on the blame USA for allowing guns into Mexico. Hey, maybe this fence idea isn't so bad ... nah, forget it. Meanwhile towards the end the mention the arrest of 100 police officers. One assumes the Mexican police don't get their guns smuggled in illegally, but in Mexico one never knows.


Police found 17 corpses stuffed in cars or dumped on streets in garbage bags across Mexico on Monday in what appeared to be the latest wave of violence by drug gangs.
In the resort city of Cancun, the bodies of three men and two women were found in an SUV, state police said in a news release. The victims' heads were covered in tape and their hands bound behind their backs, it said. One of the male victims was dressed in women's clothes.

Taipei Times - archives: "Mexican police find 17 bodies, suspect drug-related crime


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